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Gural Premier Tekirova, Turkey

This amazing hotel is located inside the green pine forest and deep blue sea. The facility is built based on the Turkish Architecture style, between the pinewoods, with the highest level of comfort and standards featuring wide sand and gravel beach about 500 meters long.

The hotel’s QUU Spa promises an unforgettable memory in the deepest point of your mind and body. Once you are fascinated with the magical ambiance of the QUU Spa and enjoy its exclusive pleasures, your life may never be the same. With the elegance of a swan, every finest detail of comfort is considered in the spa including ultra-luxurious cabins, Turkish bath and sauna as well as various water units.

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa, Turkey

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa provides a fascinating experience on base of the highest quality of service implementation.

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa is located at a point where the unique spotlessly clean and shining sea of the Mediterranean meets very green pine trees forests at an area of 200.000 m2 in Belek surrounded with the natural beauties. Upon the unusual architectural design of the structure, various expectations of the guests can be met at the highest-level. The service quality can be distinguished in the suites featuring unique and various options, villas constructed with the connections to the swimming pool, the family suites connected to the swimming pool or the garden as well as the standard rooms.

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