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Our people

Roche office in Moscow is located right in the city center and it is very convenient to get to by both public and private transport. Our Pharmaceutical Division is represented by over 500 employees. Diagnostics and Diabetes Care organisation employs over 250 people.  We are very enthusiastic about what we are doing and appreciate the variety of opportunities for career growth, professional and personal development provided by the company.

We are looking for open, honest and enthusiastic professionals, who are able to actively seek and apply newly acquired skills, drive results and inspire others.

Come join us, register in our Talent Pool right away! There’s no better place to make your mark.

Roche in Moscow

Roche subsidiary in Russia was opened in 1991 and since then the company’s biotechnological medicines for treatment of cancer, severe virus infections, autoimmune inflammatory diseases and metabolic disorders have been widely marketed in Russia. Roche is represented in the country by Pharmaceutical Division, Diagnostics and Diabetes Care. Roche is the leading company in the ONLS (high-technology reimbursement) segment of the prescription drug market, and is the top oncology company in Russia.

The headquarters are located in Moscow. Roche’s development of novel and highly effective medicines is the result of numerous clinical trials conducted by the company according to GCP (Good Clinical Practice) worldwide, including Russia. Clinical trials in Russia are performed in the context of long-term cooperation with major Russian research centers such as the Russian N.N. Blokhin Oncology Scientific Center in Moscow, Prof. N.N. Petrov Cancer Research Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Republican Oncology Center and AIDS Center in Kazan and many others.

Roche Diagnostics in Russia is an important part of the foundation that modernization of Russian healthcare system builds upon. Professional Diagnostics in Russia is a recognized market leader that provides integrated cobas branded solutions for laboratory testing around Russia. Roche Molecular Diagnostics provides their customers such as the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency with highly sensitive instrument systems and tests that reliably detect viruses and other pathogens in patient samples and in donated blood.

Roche Applied Science’s product portfolio and capabilities supports academic scientific organizations in genomics and proteomics studies. Roche Tissue Diagnostics offers automated diagnostics systems that are standardising and optimising the slide staining process. Roche Diabetes Care in Russia is a market leading organization helping people with diabetes to live healthy and productive by providing them with Accu-Chek branded blood monitoring and insulin delivery systems.

The company is a Good Corporate Citizen and takes an active part in the local social healthcare projects and initiatives. Roche supports the Equal Right to Life program initiated by oncologists. The goal of the program is to implement modern technologies of cancer diagnostics and treatment at regional healthcare institutions and to provide equal opportunities for proper treatment to all patients in Russia regardless of their social status or location.

Thrive on our performance culture

You are used to giving your all to your career. Shouldnt your employer do the same? As we keep reinventing ourselves, we depend on our people to take initiative and push ahead. That’s why we value active, forward-looking self-starters willing to promote innovation in all aspects of our business. And since we look at competencies across functions and geographies, youll certainly be able to align your interests with our business needs.

As one way of showing our appreciation for your valuable work, we offer attractive compensation packages. Designed in line with our individual business locations, they make sure you will be able to meet the financial demands of your environment more than adequately. Also, we believe in having our employees share in the success of the company. Our employee share plan Roche Connect enables you to purchase shares at a 20% discount. It is currently available in 41 countries.

Enjoy our inspiring work environment

At Roche, we foster a culture of debate, mutual respect, and diversity. We encourage everyone to be open to discussing and considering new ideas. Your experience is key to this vital exchange, which helps us develop the skills of more junior employees. And not only that: you will soon realize that it also inspires you to expand your own professional capabilities.

One of the core elements of our culture is feedback after all, sharing knowledge promotes the development of new ideas, which is one of our key competitive strengths. The Roche Europe Forum is one of several global platforms for exchanging information on business policy and strategy.

With our focus on natural, long-term growth, Roche depends on the contributions of talented and committed professionals like you who are determined to drive our progress. In turn, we make sure your work environment leaves you the space you need to attend to your personal goals, meet your family obligations, and pursue your professional development. We also have a variety of site-specific plans and programmes in place which offer flexible working-time models, sports and recreation offers, and more. This way we help you concentrate on your priorities resting assured that all aspects of your life are taken care of.

In short, think of Roche as a successful, forward-looking global player where your career will continue to flourish.

Be part of a winning company

Working at Roche means working at the forefront of innovation. Over the years, we have often engaged in new market trends or even set them and sometimes created entirely new markets. Our cutting-edge technologies and healthcare solutions were occasionally developed with unconventional methods but always with the highest standard of quality in mind.

Our Diagnostic division is the world leader in in-vitro diagnostics, our Pharmaceutical Division is the No. 1 supplier of cancer medicines. Capitalizing on the exciting possibilities offered by genome research, our diagnostics and pharmaceuticals businesses also work together to develop integrated solutions that can be customized to individual patients’ needs. As examples of our accomplishments, see our most recent awards.

Last but not least, we continue to grow. In an ever-changing industry, we are able to offer long-term organizational stability while permanently addressing new challenges. You will have the opportunity not only to learn and move forward but also to make your mark.

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The reasons I enjoy working at Roche

What is special about working at Roche? For me, it is not only having the possibility of managing a good work-life balance or enjoying my team’s support — there are many more reasons, why I appreciate being part of Roche.

At Roche, you never stop learning

I got the opportunity to join Roche, when I was 24 years old. Back then, I had no idea that I would stay longer than a couple of years. But, working at Roche is always exciting and I had the chance to take new challenges and develop myself every day.

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“ Well, believe it or not: here at Roche, 40 years later – I have become a rock star!”

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Operations Manufacturing is awesome!

In the Operations department, we are responsible for ensuring the continuity of our production. Especially in times of crisis, as for instance the Corona crisis, our work is indispensable to guarantee the supply of our innovative testing solutions to our patients from all around the world.

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We would not be wrong if doing the right things

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