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Солстик ревайв


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revive (third-person singular simple present , present participle , simple past and past participle )

  1. () To return to life; to become reanimated

    1611, The Holy Bible,  (King James Version), London: Robert Barker, , OCLC 964384981, 1 Kings 17:32:The Lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came into again, and he revived.

    or reinvigorated.

  2. () To return to life; to cause to recover life or strength; to cause to live anew.
    The dying puppy was revived by a soft hand.
    Her grandmother refused to be revived if she lost consciousness.
  3. (transitive, intransitive) To recover from a state of oblivion, obscurity, neglect, or depression.
    Classical learning revived in the fifteenth century.
    The Manx language has been revived after dying out and is now taught in some schools on the Isle of Man.
    • 2017 January 19, Peter Bradshaw, “T2 Trainspotting review – choose a sequel that doesn’t disappoint”, in the Guardian‎:
      Boyle revives some of the stylistic tics which found themselves being ripped off by geezer-gangster Britflicks back in the day, but now the freezeframes are briefer, sharper; the movie itself refers back to the original with variant flashback versions of famous scenes, but also Super 8-type images of the boys’ poignant boyhood in primary school.
    • 2012 June 19, Phil McNulty, “England 1-0 Ukraine”, in BBC Sport‎:
      The incident immediately revived the debate about goal-line technology, with a final decision on whether it is introduced expected to be taken in Zurich on 5 July.
  4. () To restore, or bring again to life; to reanimate.
    This new paint job should revive the surgery waiting room.

    2019 October, “Funding for 20tph East London service”, in Modern Railways, page 18:The 20tph service also requires additional stabling space on the east side with TfL considering various options including reviving the former London Underground depot at New Cross and sites at West Croydon and Crystal Palace.

  5. () To raise from coma, languor, depression, or discouragement; to bring into action after a suspension.
  6. () To renew in the mind or memory; to bring to recollection; to recall attention to; to reawaken.
    The Harry Potter films revived the world’s interest in wizardry
  7. () To recover its natural or metallic state, as a metal.
  8. () To restore or reduce to its natural or metallic state
    to revive a metal after calcination


to recover from a state of neglect

  • Armenian: վերակենդանացնել (hy) (verakendanacʿnel)
  • Aromanian:
  • Dutch: doen herleven, nieuw leven inblazen
  • Finnish:  (fi)
  • Greek:  (el) (anazoogonó)
  • Italian:  (it),  (it),  (it),  (it),  (it)
  • Japanese:  (ja) (yomigaeru),  (ja) (fukkatsu suru)
  • Latin: , , , , ,
  • Portuguese:  (pt)
  • Romanian:  (ro)
  • Russian:  (ru) impf (oživátʹ),  (ru) pf (ožítʹ),  (ru) impf (vozroždátʹsja),  (ru) pf (vozrodítʹsja)
  • Scottish Gaelic:
  • Spanish:  (es)
  • Swedish: återuppliva
  • Walloon: raviker (wa), riviker (wa)

to return to life, to recover life or strength

  • Bulgarian: съживя́вам (bg) (sǎživjávam)
  • Catalan:  (ca)
  • Dutch:  (nl)
  • Finnish:  (fi)
  • Georgian: გამოცოცხლება (gamococxleba), (gacocxleba)
  • Hungarian:  (hu)
  • Japanese:  (ja) (yomigaeru),  (ja) (fukkatsu suru)
  • Kurdish:
    Sorani: بووژاندنەوھ‎ (ku) (bûjandnewh), زندو کردنەوە‎ (ku) (zindu kirdnewe)
  • Latin: , , , , , ,  (la), , ,
  • Maori: whakahaumanu, whakahauora, haumanu, whakaora
  • Portuguese:  (pt),  (pt)
  • Romanian:  (ro), reînvia (ro)
  • Russian:  (ru) impf (oživátʹ),  (ru) pf (ožítʹ)
  • Scottish Gaelic:
  • Serbo-Croatian:  (sh),  (sh), revitalizirati (sh)
  • Walloon: riviker (wa), ravicoter, raviker (wa)

to bring again to life

  • Arabic: ‎ (ʾaḥyā)
  • Bulgarian: съживя́вам (bg) (sǎživjávam)
  • Finnish:  (fi)
  • Georgian: (gacocxleba)
  • German:  (de)
  • Japanese: 甦らせる (yomigaeraseru),  (ja) (fukkatsu saseru)
  • Latin: , , , , ,  (la), ,
  • Maori: whakahauora
  • Portuguese:  (pt)
  • Romanian:  (ro)
  • Russian:  (ru) impf (oživljátʹ),  (ru) pf (oživítʹ)
  • Scottish Gaelic:
  • Spanish:  (es)
  • Swedish: återuppliva
  • Thai: (chúp-chii-wít)
  • Walloon: raviker (wa), rilever (wa) (with complement «d’ inte les moirts»)
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When game pressures became tense, Revive’s sudden burst of recovery from the grave could turn the tide of battle in all but the most hopeless situations. Similarly, this spike of champion presence was used to seize an opportunity that might otherwise have been out of reach.

Revive’s speed boost allowed players to quickly intercept any objective close to their home base, including an ongoing fight. This effect was even more impactful on smaller maps such as Twisted Treeline, where even objectives on the opposing side of the map become easy to reach. Indeed, Revive’s long-distance mobility as a summoner spell was rivaled only by Summoner Teleport.

The bonus health granted from Revive’s companion mastery, Summoner’s Insight, brought added weight to a champion’s return, especially when coupled with champion roles that benefit particularly from health, e.g. fighters, tanks, and aggressive assassins.

In later game phases, longer death timers increased the impact of Revive even further. For example, if a late-game team fight ended with multiple players on both sides slain, a revived champion could attack objectives that the opposing team, now suffering from death recovery, could not defend.


Применение и рекомендации

Применение «Солстик Ревайв»: содержимое 1 пакетика растворить в 0,5 литра воды комнатной температуры. Принимайте, во время или после физических нагрузок и активной деятельности.

Противопоказания «Солстик Ревайв»: индивидуальная непереносимость компонентов БАД, беременность и кормление грудью.

Условия хранения: хранить в сухом, недоступном для детей месте, при температуре не выше +25°С.


Обратите внимание!

Компания Nature’s Sunshine Products производит свою продукцию отдельно для каждой страны с учетом норм суточной потребности человека в пищевых веществах, утвержденных службой по надзору в сфере защиты прав потребителей и благополучия человека. В каждой стране существует свое Министерство здравоохранения, поэтому состав, показания и противопоказания одних и тех же продуктов NSP в разных странах могут существенно отличаться.

Солстик Ревайв

Россия, Беларусь, Казахстан, Грузия, Армения, Монголия

Solstic Revive30 пакетиков по 7,5 г каждый

Состав «Солстик Ревайв»: 1 пакетик: Витамин Е (альфа-токоферол ацетат) — 22,5 ME (22,5 мг), Витамин С — 45 мг, Витамин В1 (тиамин) — 0,75 мг, Витамин В2 (рибофлавин) — 0,85 мг, Витамин В3 (ниацин) — 15 мг, Витамин В5 (пантотенол) — 7,5 мг, Витамин В6 — 1,5 мг, Витамин В12 — 4,5 мкг, Кальций (в лактате кальция) — 15 мг, Магний (в глюконат магния) — 12 мг, Натрий — 90 мг, Калий (в цитрате калия) — 30 мг, Инулин (экстракт корня цикория) — 1671 мг, Глюкозамина гидрохлорид — 500 мг, D-рибоза — 500 мг, L-карнитин — 2 мг, Глицин — 2 мг, Таурин — 2 мг, Фруктоза — 2,0 г, Морская соль — 262,5 мг, Концентрат сока граната — 50 мг, Экстракт кожицы винограда — 50 мг. Вспомогательные ингредиенты: лимонная кислота, натуральный цитрусовый подсластитель (инулин, фруктоза, изолят горохового белка, натуральные ароматизаторы), натуральный ароматизатор лимона, натуральный ароматизатор клубники, диоксид кремния, экстракт листьев стевии.

Solstic Revive

Украина, Молдова

Солстiк Ревайв30 пакетиков по 7,5 г каждый

Состав «Solstic Revive»: 1 пакетик: Витамин С (аскорбин. кислота) — 45 мг, Витамин Е (D-альфа-токоферол) — 22,5 IU, Тиамин (В1, мононитрат) — 0,75 мг, Рибофлавин (витамин B2) — 0,85 мг, Ниацин (ниацинамид) — 15 мг, Витамин В6 (пиридоксин HCl) — 1,5 мг, Витамин В12 (цианокобаламин) — 4,5 мкг, Пантотеновая кислота (D-пантотенат кальция) — 7,5 мг, Кальций (лактат) — 15 мг, Магний (глюконат) — 2 мг, Натрий — 90 мг, Калий (цитрат) — 30 мг, Глюкозамин (из краба оболочки) — 500 мг. ДРУГИЕ ИНГРЕДИЕНТЫ: фруктоза, цикорий, лимонная кислота, D-рибоза, натуральный подсластитель, цитрусовые, морская соль, лимонный сок, натуральный клубничный ароматизатор, диоксид кремния, стевия, экстракт кожуры винограда, концентрат гранатового сока, L-карнитин, L-таурин, L- глицин.


  • Revive was disabled on Summoner’s Rift during the special Ultra Rapid Fire game mode in 2014, then disabled on the Crystal Scar with patch V4.7. It was however re-enabled on Summoner’s Rift shortly afterward.
  • At 9 minutes, Revive had the longest cooldown

    Furthermore, this cooldown was one of the longest timed effects in the entirety of the game, second only to Baron Nashor’s and Vilemaw’s initial spawn timers of 20 and 10 minutes, respectively.

    of any spell or ability in League of Legends.

  • Revive once had an in-game tooltip error where it said it had a 510-second cooldown instead of 540.
  • The first icon for Revive was recolored yellow for the icon for the Season mastery Resistance.


  • Revive synergized well with champions who have an ‘on-death’ effect such as Karthus and Kog’Maw

    Note that a champion undergoing an on-death effect is considered alive until the ability ends; thus, only after entering into death would Revive become usable.


  • Other movement speed and mobility effects could be combined with Revive

    The boots enchantment Homeguard paired exceedingly well with Revive, as a revived player would almost always trigger Homeguard’s otherwise uncommon condition — being at the summoner’s platform.

    , allowing players to traverse even greater distances at breakneck speed.

Patch History


Removed from the game.


Undocumented: disabled on Crystal Scar.

April 1, 2014

Disabled on Summoner’s Rift.


New particles.


  • Now always increases your movement speed after reviving.
  • Improved Revive now grants bonus health after reviving instead of a temporary speed boost.


  • Health bonus upon reviving is now innate to the spell (as opposed to requiring Improved Revive).
  • Improved Revive now grants a 125% movement speed increase upon revival (Improved Revive no longer grants a 225% movement speed increase).


Revive can be used without breaking stealth.


Now increases your movement speed by 225%, diminishing to normal over 12 seconds.


Now gives greatly increased movement speed after use.


  • Cooldown reduced to 510 seconds from 540.
  • Preservation (mastery):
    • Cooldown reduction increased to 30 seconds from 20.
    • Health increase duration increased to 120 seconds from 90.

June 26, 2009 Patch:

Preservation (mastery) – Reduces Revive’s cooldown by 20 seconds, and upon resurrection, the revived player has their health increased by 400 temporarily.

June 12, 2009 Patch:

Cooldown increased to 540 seconds from 480.

May 29, 2009 Patch:

Cooldown increased to 420 seconds from 300.

Alpha Week 4:

  • Cooldown reduced to 300 seconds from 480.
  • Fixed a tooltip error.

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Для кого создан этот продукт? Для всех нас, но в первую очередь для людей, ведущих активный образ жизни, которые ценят качество своей жизни и хотят прожить долгую, полноценную жизнь.

Электролиты, которые содержатся в составе морской соли, а также присутствуют в форме лактата кальция, глюконата магния, цитрата калия играют важную роль в восполнении потери жидкости организмом, работе нервной, мышечной и опорно-двигательной систем, в поддержании нормального уровня рН.

Состав электролитов в морской соли близок по составу к плазме крови человека. В условиях обезвоживания организма при повышенной температуре, после физической нагрузки и стресса электролиты, содержащиеся в составе «Солстик Ревайв» будут особенно полезны в сочетании с витаминами и антиоксидантами.

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